Gyuhang Kim, “Gurus

We've already known the hundreds of wise gurus who'd enlightened the human history. However there have been much more gurus who are closely connected to the ordinary daily lives, not so great nor famous. They are the “nearby gurus”―who seem to be ones of the normal neighbor forks but have stocked a bunch of wisdom and sagacity derived from the human life. They've been named grandfather, sir, madam, brother or whatever to be there giving some clues and ways to the realization of the troubled world and the problems on daily living. What tragedy our society has is the fact that we have no more nearby guru. Capitalism, I mean the maximized Capitalism today, has always controlled and maneuvered the people living in their living field to find no prudence nor insight, which eventually would reveal that it's only the silly, slavish, subjective-to-capital living for many of them to consider nothing but the pleasure of their own self and family and to work day and night producing some productions which is finally consumed by themselves for the pursuit of pleasure. That is how the Capitalism has deleted the wisdom, perspicacity, and the gurus.

“Seoul Fireman”'s tweet

The “before & after” photos on the plastic surgery hospitals' ADs. Found something in common; every single different faces on the before side and all exact same on the after one.

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Was just an April fool in advance for you guys who never be fooled on the day! lol kkkk WTF twitter is the wasting of life huh? Goddamn here I come motherfucking wasting my whole life to blow up your mind make you never think its a waste! hahahahahaha lol

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No matter how the world is freaked up I care not to be haunted by the anger and hatred for the sake of it. It'll never go long; besides, who knows if my madness and dislike would possibly harm the world?

그냥 복사 붙여넣기로 퍼오기는 뭐해서 영어로 번역해 올려놓습니다. 오역이라고 생각되는 데가 있으면 알려 주세요.

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